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Bokun is a global B2B distribution and booking platform for tours and activities. Suppliers and resellers can instantly create contracts and start cross-selling one another without going through an intermediary. Anyone can become a reseller of tours and activities through Bokun. Today the platform is used by airlines, airports, bloggers, car rentals, cruises, conferences, OTA’s and more to sell tours and activities and gain access to live inventory. Bokun’s customers have made well over 15.000 cross-selling contracts through the system – to sell the products of one another without an intermediary. In addition, Bokun offers a cutting-edge day-to-day booking & management system for tours and activities providers and resellers.



GTA – your global partner for content

owering global travel, GTA provides easy access to a wide portfolio of accommodation options, transfers, and tours & activities to the travel industry working with some of the biggest and best online travel agents, tour operators, and traditional travel agents. GTA has succeeded in the business-to-business travel industry for nearly four decades. Trusted to deliver because of its wealth of experience, privileged relationships and on the ground expertise, GTA’s technology-driven approach provides solutions to easily connect travel suppliers and travel sellers worldwide. Retail booking sites – TravelBound in North America and TravelCube in Europe, Latin America and Australasia – as well as GTA web and API for wholesalers, together process nearly 40,000 bookings every day, throughout the world. GTA’s vision is to be the world’s easiest travel distribution partner to do business making it simpler for their clients to sell more and drive business success.

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GIATA – your global partner for content

Since 1996, we have been supporting our clients boost the growth of their business and revenue. Our methods are complex, but our goal is simple: we want to help you sell your products to more clients.
As the tourism industry’s leading travel content provider, GIATA and its 150-plus employees continuously set new standards in online travel sales and in the processing and maintenance of hotel data. So take advantage of our employees’ know-how and experience and focus on what’s important: your business.

From hotel matching to multilingual hotel descriptions
GIATA’s unique specialisation is the creation and distribution of content that meets the tourism industry’s specific needs. GIATA’s product range includes various web service and service offerings.
The information, which is continuously updated and manually corrected, is standardised by GIATA so that fewer errors occur in the internal booking process and hotel matching. Properties can be clearly identified and duplicates detected. By incorporating the GIATA ID and outsourcing time-consuming manual research and maintenance, simple errors are detected, thereby cutting costs. MultiCodes is just one of the products used worldwide, enabling the matching of approximately 42.5 million booking codes from more than 500 suppliers to approximately 620,000 GIATA codes at the touch of a button for tourism companies using a multi-supplier strategy. The range of services also includes the GIATA Multilingual Hotel Guide (MHG), which provides hotel descriptions for 257,000 hotels worldwide in 18 languages, including images.



Taking a vacation or simply going to a new place is full of excitement and takes tons of preparation. For those who want to ensure that they are informed of everything when they take a tour or visit a new area, then myTourisma is one of the apps that is going to be a lifesaver. This app is designed for tourism, and not in the normal way that people think of. When people think of tourism apps, they often think of hotels, flights, taxis etc. However, myTourisma takes a different approach.

MyTourisma is all about exploring the area that you are in. For example, attractions that are in your location that are considered a must see will be featured prominently on the app. It is simple to use, allowing you to click on the attraction and find all the information that you may need to start your journey to this attraction.


The year was 2015, when our founders, Abhishek Moharana and Gaurav Gambhir formerly part of and now alumni of IIT were travelling and enquired about their stay with a number of hotels. The response time was high and thus they came up with the idea of building something that could provide an impeccable experience to guests. And, that’s where the journey started..Trilyo was born.
Today, Trilyo aims to bridge the gap between hotels and guests with less dependency on third party vendors. Our AI based platform built suitably for the hospitality industry unleashes the opportunity for you to reach your target customers where they are largely active on which is social messaging applications. Guided and stirred by our vision, we are bringing in a new facet to guest engagement.
What you get with Trilyo?
• Direct bookings from Website chatbot and Facebook Messenger

• End to end Lead Capturing and CRM building platform

• Easy integration with existing PMS and Marketing tools

• Multi-lingual automated 24×7 management of guest requests and queries

• Upsell and cross sell products and services

• Handle unlimited number of enquiries at a given instance with no overhead costs
Regardless of the competition, our goal is to turn conversations into conversions with low efforts and more automation. Primarily in the hotel industry, we foresee to expand into the various verticals of the hospitality industry and we are not too far from that