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Artificial Intelligence Society – Bahrain

The Artificial Intelligence Society is an independent and voluntary technological society formed in 2018 with the aim of promoting and disseminating Artificial Intelligence technology across the Kingdom.

Main objectives of the society are as follows:

  • Support Bahrain’s 2030 vision through implementation of specific AI applications and technologies.
  • Aim at making Bahrain as a regional center of Artificial Intelligence Research & Development.
  • Build pool of AI expertise from executives and technical resources within the society to promote AI in the Kingdom and region.
  • Collaborate and build GCC wide society for AI.
  • Create intensive activities from local and global expertise in presenting AI solutions in various vertical sectors and mainly in areas of: Banking, Insurance, Government, Oil & Gas, Aviation and Manufacturing.
  • Ensure global AI initiatives are collaborated with local demand to create short term plan for implementation of AI, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Robotics to attract investors.
  • Encourage and educate business community on how to improve efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction, while reducing the operating cost through adoption of AI alternative solutions.
  • Affiliate and build strategic partnership with government decision making bodies, to adopt AI and make it as one of their strategic objectives in transforming Bahrain into AI Hub.
  • Currently there are 40 members in the Society, which includes private/public sectors CIOs, AI expertise and entrepreneurs and over 12 university scholars and professors.